Request for HSA Board Nominations

On behalf of the 2016-2018 HSA Executive Board:
As you may be aware, this June will conclude the term of the current Executive Board and Committee Members. We are officially requesting nominations for the
2018-2020 St. Teresa Home and School Association Executive Board and Committee Members.
See below for more details. All those interested can contact us at with any questions, concerns, comments, etc.

Who is eligible to become an official Executive Board Member or Committee Member?
In order to hold a position on the HSA, nominate someone for office or cast a ballot to vote an HSA member , you must have attended at least two regular meetings from September through the March meetings of the year of the elections as well as volunteered at least 5 hours.
What are the open positions that are available?
The President shall preside at all regular HSA meetings, appoint committees, call special meetings and gives the approval of the Executive Committee. The HSA President oversees all events, fundraisers and is the main communicate with the principal of St. Teresa School.
The Vice-President shall act in the President’s absence and assist the President in the discharge of his/her
duties as outlined above.
Recording Secretary shall prepare and send out the notices of regular HSA meetings. He/She shall keep a rec-ord of all meetings. Additionally, the secretary will submit the minutes to the Communications and Marketing coordinator who will disseminate through the website and online networking sites.
The Treasurer shall be the liaison between the HSA and the region/school. They shall receive and disburse all monies of the association and shall keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures, and report the current status of the Treasury at each HSA General Meeting. All checks will require the approval of the President. There will be an annual audit for the purpose of reviewing the current financial records of HSA. The Treasurer will act as liaison between the Executive Board and all committees regarding
money related to their events.
What is the process of election:
-A notification of nominations of open office positions will be declared before the March meeting.
-An official request for nominations will be presented at the March meeting.
Nominees will be posted on the website and social media networking sites.
-A closed ballot will provide the selection of the officers at the May/June meeting with results published on the website, social media sites, via email and letter to all families of St. Teresa Catholic School.
-Transition of officers will take place during the June-August time period.In addition to the executive board, there are openings for the Executive Committee Member positions.

The Executive Committee Members can be chosen/nominated/elected each school year. Committee members can serve for more than one school year if no other parent/guardian volunteers for that selected position. All executive committee members are expected to attend all events, activities, meetings and board meetings throughout the year.
Current position titles include-
Class Parent Liaison, Volunteer Coordinator, Media Coordinator and Special Events Coordinator, and Communications and Marketing Coordinator.
1. Class Parent Liaison – Coordinates and assists the class parents with their correspondence and overall duties. They liaison with the officers and attend board meetings to relay information to the class mothers regarding events and activities. Assists with the purchase of the teachers gifts, raffles for Christmas fair and Basket auction as well as the in room class parties.
3. Volunteer Coordinator – Responsible for staffing volunteers for all activities and events hosted by the HSA. Additionally, the volunteer coordinator takes attendance at meetings and tracks the points awarded to the volunteers for the hours served towards the Strive for Five.
4. Media Coordinator– Responsible for providing promotion of the events and activities to the print, online and televised media channels. Also responsible, when applicable, for providing photography.
5. Special Events Coordinator- Responsible for assisting the chair people of the events and activities with guidelines, answers to questions, proposal procedures, etc. Provides snapshot of events success to board.
6. Communications and Marketing Coordinator– Responsible for maintaining the social media sites as well as the web page for the HSA. To post and email all upcoming activities as well as market and promote all news, current events and announcements in various media outlets.

What are some of the events and fundraising activities that the board works on throughout the school year?
– Christmas Fair
– Basket Auction
– Plant Sale / Book Fair, Eighth Grade Graduation Party (7th Grade parents)
– Trunk or Treat
– Family events like Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter and Grandparents day
Other events and fundraising activities can be added to the school year as decided by the executive board.

If you are interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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