HSA Meeting 11/16

Welcome, Bryan Lyons HSA President

Opening Prayer & Greetings- Monisgnor Belford

Greetings- Principle Simione

All parents that wish to attend school events- you must complete the training.  Principle Simione has forms that you can complete and then you can see Ms. Lisa Rametta to review the video so that you can become certified.

VIRTUS® Online Training- Every training program, in addition to instructor-led and video awareness sessions, provides ongoing web-based training through online training bulletins and modules.  Online training bulletins and modules cover many topics within the following broad categories:

  • Protecting God’s Children Online Awareness
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Employment Practices
  • Human Resources
  • Student Exposures

Eureka Math- Ronald Rasdall

Parent company- Great minds- initial review to take make math common core aligned. Teamed up with NY State to write curriculum. Pre-K to 12th grade. Resources online.


Eureka Presentation1


Dine out night- Arirang was a success- we got 15% back.  Next up will be Applebees.

Cheesecake and Candy- https://sthsa.com/

Scrips- Awesome new fundraising event that costs us nothing!  13% goes back to STS just for you purchasing your gift cards through their site: WWW.Scripzone.com

  1. Go to-www.scripzone.com and click on the New User Icon on the right side of  the homepage.
  2. Create your Secure Online Account by filling out the information and clicking “Accept and Create User”. Fill in your name and address information then click “Finish”. The email address you enter will be used to contact you about your orders!
  1. On the next screen, click on the “Join Group” button. Type in our Group ID:   718StTeresa

Barnes and Noble Book Fair- Shop at B & N on certain days and we get 10% back.  12/17 any purchases made will go back to STS.

Class donations–  The class donations are completely optional and are not mandatory- you give what you want!

We were told that some parents were concerned with the reminders and that the request was made so close to the holidays, etc.   We let parents know about this in mid-September and had a great response from families throughout October. The collection process has always been left to the class parents who would keep a running list of who contributed and send reminders.

If you have a concern or issue please direct them to the HSA board and NOT other parents.

Strive for 5- We need help for the Christmas Fair- mostly on Saturday/Sunday the most.  Please contact Jenn Costello to sign up: jpuca112@verizon.net

Christmas Fair-

Thursday- Set up for the fair- we could always use extra hands!

Friday- 8am-4pm We have enough volunteers.

Principal Simione will send out schedule of when the students will be sent down to the fair.  We will send out a price list so that parents will know how much to send their children into school with.  We will once again do $5 game card they can play 10 games with tickets for prizes

No vendors- more games and activities.

Pinots Palet- coming both days- kids can make a canvas.

Santa Hats- personalized- we need someone with great handwriting!

Pictures with Santa, Raffles, Straw Games.

Cafe will be open.  Candy table will be nut free on Friday.

Made from the heart table. $5 game card they can play 10 games- tickets for prizes

Saturday- 1pm-8pm – Holy Name Tree lighting after 4pm Mass.

Sunday 10am-2pm- Raffles called.

Wishnick list will go out next week.

Pre-Sale of 50/50 Tickets- $2 a ticket – $6 for 10- Let us know if you are interested in getting some raffle tickets to sell.

We need people to go out and solicit donations- please let us know if you are interested.

Wish list- we already got the Ninja Fruit PressNovember 2017 STS NEWSLETTER-1_Page_05

Thats all for now!













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